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I'm a New Believer Now What?

Three Essentials for a New Believer

1. Prayer. Every day you must spend some time alone with God in prayer, away from the distractions of everyday life even if it's only for a few minutes. Prayer does not need to be formal: you simply talk to God as you would to a friend. Begin your prayer by thanking God for all the good things in your life, then pray for others, and finally pray for your needs. A good practice to get into is to spend some silent time waiting on the Lord to speak to your heart. As well, a habit that is good to get into is to pray throughout your day. It can be while you are doing some task which doesn't require concentration or while driving alone in the car. Don't forget to take a moment to thank God as good things happen during the day.

2. Reading the Bible. You need to spend time reading God's word. At least once a day read a portion of the Bible. You can read a chapter or a column or if you have a modern translation, a paragraph. A good place for a new believer to start is in the book of John which is known as the Gospel of Love. Find a time that works for you. It could be first thing in the morning before your day becomes hectic, it can be in the middle of the day when you stop for a cup of coffee, or maybe you prefer the evenings before bed. Just find a time when you can shut out the daily hustle and concentrate on the word of God.

3. Meeting with fellow believers. Attend church every Sunday, join a Bible study, and get together with other Christians. You need the encouragement and support of others who have an understanding of how God works in our lives. Don't hesitate to find a church that preaches from the Bible and where you will hear the word of God speak to you.



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