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Growing up as a pastor’s daughter under the watchful eye of a tight-knit family and church, Ruth lived under constant pressure to perform and meet expectations. Caving to the heavy burden, Ruth found herself divorced and a single mother of three young children. Ruth turned to alcohol, sex, and porn; a years-long cycle of abuse and addiction followed as Ruth searched for “love” and relief from the emptiness. With hope and joy destroyed, Ruth sunk into a reclusive, depressive state that seemingly had no way out.


Thankfully, God had a different plan! After years of defeated living, God led Ruth to sobriety and taught her how to place her identity in Him alone.


As a speaker, Ruth shares lessons from her challenging experiences to encourage others facing addictions or strongholds. A published author, Ruth, hosts a podcast, Out of the Darkness with Ruth Hovsepian, showcasing transformational stories of others who have recovered from traumas and addictions.

Your women will discover hope in the midst of life's messy moments - whether they're self-induced or thrust on them. With a unique blend of empowering Biblical teaching and fun personal anecdotes, Ruth will:

  • EQUIP your women to take the next step with Jesus.

  • EDUCATE and ENTERTAIN in a way that leaves your women craving for more.

  • ENCOURAGE your women to actively participate in impactful ministry.

Ruth continually writes fresh content and would be delighted to explore subjects to meet the needs of your group. Please get in touch with her using the form below!

Signature Message:
Conquer Your Struggles, Conquer Your Life

As human beings, we all carry a deep void within us that cannot be removed no matter how much we try. We often try to fill this void with material possessions, indulging in pleasures, or seeking worldly success, but nothing seems to satisfy us completely. This void is a reminder that we were created for a purpose, and that purpose can only be fulfilled by turning to God.

Ruth delivers a message of hope and encouragement. She will help your women understand that God doesn't remove the emptiness we feel, but He FILLS it. He is the only one who can satisfy the deepest longings of our hearts. Only through a relationship with Him can we find true fulfillment and purpose in life.

Your women will leave feeling inspired and uplifted, with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Don't miss out on this opportunity to offer your attendees a life-changing message. Book Ruth Hovsepian today and allow her to help fill the void within your audience's hearts with God's love, joy, and peace.

Benefits for your women:
  • Identify the nine signs of emptiness

  • Discover six promises of satisfaction from God

  • Five practical ways to fill the inner emptiness and find peace

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