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Image of Ruth Hovsepian

Growing up as a pastor’s daughter under the watchful eye of a tight-knit family and church, Ruth lived under constant pressure to perform and meet expectations. Caving to the heavy burden, Ruth found herself divorced and a single mother of three young children. Ruth turned to alcohol, sex, and porn; a years-long cycle of abuse and addiction followed as Ruth searched for “love” and relief from the emptiness. With hope and joy destroyed, Ruth sunk into a reclusive, depressive state that seemingly had no way out.


Thankfully, God had a different plan! After years of defeated living, God led Ruth to sobriety and taught her how to place her identity in Him alone.


As a speaker, Ruth shares lessons from her challenging experiences to encourage others facing addictions or strongholds. A two-time author, Ruth hosts a podcast, Out of the Darkness, showcasing transformational stories of others who have recovered from traumas and addictions.

Signature Message:
Worship the Creator Not the Creation

The Hardwired Void We Carry: God doesn’t remove the void. He fills it.

Benefits for your women:
  • Identify the nine signs of emptiness

  • Discover six promises of satisfaction from God

  • Five practical ways to fill the inner emptiness and find peace

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