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The Ultimate Conversation: Is that you, GOD?

Do you long for a deeper relationship with God? Are you looking for a way to make your prayers more meaningful? In this powerful study, Ruth Hovsepian helps you discover the beauty and importance of prayer.


God is inviting you to pray with Him in a personal, intimate way. You can be a co-laborer with heaven, asking God to intervene in your life and the life of others. Through prayer, you discover your power, authority, and purpose on earth.



Prayer is not just about asking for what you want. It's about aligning yourself with God's will and purpose. It's about having a heartfelt, genuine conversation with the Creator of the universe. It's about finding fellowship with Him and delighting in His presence.


The Ultimate Conversation will help you

  • reignite your passion for prayer 

  • accept the PERSONAL invitation of love and faithfulness to God’s will

  • discover the power and potential of prayer that will transform your heart


If you've ever felt discouraged, unworthy, or intimidated in prayer, The Ultimate Conversation is for you. Let it help you discover your purpose as a co-laborer with God. It will undoubtedly transform your prayer life and your relationship with the Creator.

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