Hi, I'm Ruth Hovsepian.

  1. I learned to speak Greek when I was only a wee little child by attending a Greek summer day camp. 

  2. I play the piano - mainly classical.

  3. I learned to shoot a rifle and bow and arrow as a kid and loved it.

  4. I played ice hockey as a young teen with the boys - as a goalie. 

  5. I am a mezzo-soprano.

  6. I always wanted to have a large family, to be specific I wanted 5 children.

  7. I dream of flying in a helicopter.

  8. I would like to get a pilot's license before I'm too old to hold the stick steady.

  9. I have a collection of sunglasses and I wear them all year round. 

  10. I love collecting antiques and imagining the history behind each piece.

  11. I am deathly afraid of rodents - I have been known to stand on top of furniture and make 911 calls to family to come and get rid of said creatures.

  12. I read through the Bible three times in 2018.

  13. I like my pantry to be organized with like items together and the labels facing forward.

  14. I played the trumpet and bass tuba in high school.

  15. I went to 3 different high schools. 

  16. I gave birth to an 11 lb. daughter - naturally - took 2 doctors to pull her out... if she'd been my first she'd be an only child!

  17. I pierced my ears for the first time when I was 25.

  18. I pierced them 3 more times at 53!

  19. I clean my bathroom every day - including wiping down the floor on my hands and knees... I can just hear your minds whirring away...

  20. I drove over 3200 km through Italy and Switzerland.

  21. I prefer savory over sweet.

  22. I love having a houseful of family and friends.

  23. I speak four languages.

  24. I love, love, love watching movies.

  25. I run multiple businesses.