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I want you to know one thing about me: I am alive today because Jesus died for my sins. Seriously, that is the most important thing about me. 


I love Jesus. Why? Because He is AMAZING! He has given me a new lease on life.


I have been a single parent for the past 25+ years. I am the proud mother of three adult children and have two children in love. And I am a "néné" to a beautiful Angel in heaven.


My newest book is The Ultimate Conversation: Is that you, GOD? 

The Ultimate Conversation will help you 

  • reignite your passion for prayer 

  • accept the PERSONAL invitation of love and faithfulness to God’s will

  • discover the power and potential of prayer that will transform your heart

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If you've ever felt discouraged, unworthy, or intimidated in prayer, The Ultimate Conversation is for you. Let it help you discover your purpose as a co-laborer with God. It will undoubtedly transform your prayer life and your relationship with the Creator. Available on Amazon.

My first book, 100 Days of Prayer, guides you through my prayer journey and how you, too, can have a strong and intimate relationship with the Lord, strengthen your faith, and make you a prayer warrior. Available on Amazon.

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Addictions are difficult to overcome. Especially when you break them alone. I want to share with you who I am and why I find it so important to help Christians navigate a world that can often feel anti-God, anti-bible, and anti-faith.

Because of God’s redeeming grace and the prayers of my family, I stand before you today. I focused my energy on studying the bible and praying during my recovery; each day has brought me closer to God and my healing journey.


I’ve walked the path of divorce and single parenting, which led me down a path of alcohol and sexual addiction. My goal and desire are to inspire and motivate others on their journey to recovery and survival.


My prayer journey started tentatively, and your path may look different than mine, but that is the beauty of this journey; we are headed to the same destination. 


You can listen to my weekly podcast, Out of the Darkness with Ruth Hovsepian, on your favorite podcast streaming app.


My weight loss and health journey have been documented in national magazines.

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September 2023

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September 2023

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