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A NEW BOOK - 100 Days of Prayer {a JOURNEY into deeper intimacy with GOD}


I never imagined I would ever utter those words. Not because I don't have a lot to say BUT because I have never felt that anything I had to say was worth capturing in a book.

This was a passion project that started off as a simple guide to help teach others how to develop and strengthen their personal prayer life and make their prayer life more personal and intimate.

When I shared this idea with my sister, Ann-Margret a best-selling author and illustrator, she thought there was potential in this idea for it to become a book. She put this amazing proposal together and sent it off to her agent who also believed in this project. These women encouraged me to develop it further using my personal story and life experiences to teach others how to create their own intimate relationship with God.

The proposal made its round to publishers. I am a great believer that God's timing is perfect, but it was not to be. Fast forward and I decided to self-publish and we are now in the home stretch. The book is completed it has been edited, it includes beautiful illustrations by my sister, the book and cover were designed by my daughter, Alexis Livingston, and now I am waiting to hold the book in my hands.

For many years I led a "secret" and "double" life. Not many know my story and how I battled addiction, depression, and satan. I stand today only because of God's redeeming grace. I want my experiences to be used to help someone, maybe you, know that there is hope and redemption at the end of this journey.

For years, my secret weighed heavily on my heart. I always thought that once people found out about my past they would look at me differently. Well, now I wish I had not been so concerned about what others thought but had sought help sooner.

This book is a glimpse into my journey, the troubles, and dark path I walked, and how only through falling to my knees and asking God for forgiveness did my life turn around.

My prayer journey started tentatively your path may look different than mine but that is the beauty of this journey we are headed to the same destination. This is about a journey into deeper intimacy with God.

In my book, I share with you how I took those first tentative steps and as my journey progressed my steps got bolder and more sure. Building a strong and intimate relationship with the Lord will also strengthen your faith and make you a prayer warrior.

Follow me here and on social media as I share more from and about my book.


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