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Prayer Warrior

“While they were going out, a man who was demon-possessed and could not talk was brought to Jesus.” – Matthew 9:32

In Matthew chapter 9 verses 32-34, we read of a miracle Jesus performed for a man who was demon-possessed. The demon kept the man from speaking, so he could not communicate with others.

Jesus sends the demon from the man and immediately, the man begins to speak. The crowd is astonished and marvels at the miracle praising God.

At first read, this story seems only to include two characters – Jesus and the demon-possessed man. But a quick re-read brings to light the other unseen characters, namely those who brought the man to Jesus for healing.

Perhaps they were his friends and recognizing his need for help brought him to Jesus. Maybe they were his brothers who had never heard their sibling speak, they bring him to Jesus, hoping for answers.

Regardless of who they were, they brought someone in need of healing to Jesus. They were unseen warriors, ones who fight for others and never receive credit.

Is there someone for whom you could be an unseen warrior? Perhaps you could be a prayer warrior for the single mom who lives down the street, faithfully bringing her needs before Jesus. Maybe you could be the prayer warrior for the lonely teen who sits in the back of your class, faithfully crying out to Jesus to send her friends.

God, teach me to be a silent prayer warrior for others. Let me bring the needs of others before You that they may know the hope and healing only You can bring into their lives. Show me how to intercede for others. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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