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Reset Your Spiritual Compass

Building a personal relationship with Christ is essential to our spiritual journey. This intimate connection with our Savior is not only about attending church services or performing good deeds but about establishing a personal, heart-to-heart relationship with Jesus. In our latest podcast episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Pastor Edsel Bone, a seasoned pastor and teacher who shares his insights on nurturing this bond.

Pastor Edsel stresses the unique message of the Bible that Jesus is the only way to have a relationship with the Father. This notion is often perceived as exclusionary, but it underscores the truth that Jesus is indeed the only door to eternal salvation. Our guest highlights the importance of parents setting an example for their children in terms of faith. As spiritual leaders in the family, parents have a significant impact on their children's spiritual growth.

Strengthening our personal relationship with Christ requires discipline and intentionality. It's not about comparing ourselves to others but about starting right where we are. We must constantly be in communion with God, being aware of His presence in our daily lives. Pastor Edsel encourages listeners to be disciplined in reading the Bible and finding the best plan for them. He stresses that while devotionals are beneficial, they should not replace the reading of scriptures.

Having a strong relationship with the Lord and being part of a community of believers are equally important. The episode explores resetting our spiritual compass and making Jesus our true north. It's crucial to be cautious of false teachings and seek truth from the Bible. The impact of negative experiences with church leaders is discussed, underscoring the importance of having a supportive community during times of trials.

In a world riddled with distractions and false teachings, keeping Christ as our true north can be challenging. But as Pastor Edsel emphasizes, we must always reset our spiritual compass and stay on the right path. The conversation also touches on the dangers of comparing ourselves with others and the importance of starting our spiritual journey right where we are.

In conclusion, nurturing an intimate relationship with Christ is a journey that requires discipline, intentionality, and community. As Pastor Edsel wisely shares, we must constantly reset our spiritual compass, keep Christ as our true north, and let His love overflow into every aspect of our lives. This spiritual journey is not always easy, but with faith, community, and the right guidance, it's a journey worth embarking on.

To get a copy of Pastor Bone's best-selling book "RESET YOUR SPIRITUAL COMPASS: 90 Devotions To Reboot Your Soul," click here.


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