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Joey Pagano's Journey with Substance Abuse and Recovery

Recently, I had the privilege of recording an amazing episode of the Out of The Darkness podcast with bestselling author, motivational speaker, and therapist Joey Pagano. In this episode, Joey shared his substance abuse and recovery journey. He discussed how he found solace in drugs due to his family's rigid doctrine and how it ultimately saved him from wanting to take his own life.

The conversation explored the impact of addiction on relationships and how it can affect different people regardless of their background or faith-based upbringing. Joey shared his story of surviving addiction which included depression, ADHD, and using alcohol, pornography, and sex as a coping mechanism. Despite the toxicity of the environment, he managed to survive and eventually find clarity the moment he decided to turn himself in after attempting to rob a gas station.

We discussed the journey to recovery and highlighted the importance of recognizing the moment of clarity when it comes. We also spoke about hope in the recovery process and encouraged listeners not to give up on someone, no matter what.

The main takeaway from this conversation was to love people where they are, regardless of their situation.

Joey inspires anyone struggling with addiction or facing any trauma in their life. He proves that you can overcome your struggles no matter how difficult your circumstances may be. His story serves as an example that even if you're coming from a place of pain and hurt - there is still a way out, and there is always hope for redemption through courage, resilience & faith.



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