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How often do you buy a new Bible?

In the past, I always believed that having one Bible was enough. I would buy a new one when the one I was using started to fall apart. That was until 2019 when I realized that I was spending money on all kinds of things. Stuff like hobbies, clothes, furniture, all kinds of other books, and I had plenty of these things but still thought I needed more.

I knew that I needed to set my priorities straight. I made a decision to buy a new Bible and I did just that in 2019. On New Year's Eve day I have my new Bible in hand ready to start 2022. Yes, it's an extravagance but one that I believe is justifiable. I will budget in all other areas of my life but not this one. By the way, I don't spend very much on my Bibles, they are just perfect to see me through a year or two.

This year I chose an ESV Journaling Bible and I am excited to start my journey on January 1, which happens to be tomorrow. In 2019, I purchased an English Standard Version (ESV) Bible Single Column Journaling Bible, and to make it easier to highlight passages I bought a highlighter set that didn't bleed through the page. I own different versions, King James (KJ), New King James (NKJ), and New International Version (NIV) I don't have a preference.

Growing up I had watched my grandparents underline verses and full chapters with a red pen and ruler, passages that spoke to them as they read their Bibles every day, twice a day. Everyone has their own way to mark up their Bible. You can highlight key passages so that you can quickly find them when you need a particular verse or when you are talking with someone. I strongly encourage you to write in your Bible. With that in mind look for a Bible with a wide margin so that you can write your notes and thoughts alongside the verses.

One of my grandmother's Bibles.

These photos are my Bible. I used to only underline or highlight and jot down a few notes that I may have heard during a sermon or a Bible study I was at. I have since learned to put MY OWN THOUGHTS down. I also write down questions that I might have, ponderings, or something that I have just learned. It doesn't matter what it is, I write it down. By the way, this is a work in progress. The more I do, the freer I feel about marking up my Bibles.

If you have never written or highlighted your Bible here are a few suggestions that you can use to start marking up your Bible, this isn't an exhaustive list, do what works best for you.

  • Highlight Jesus's words

  • Use brackets to highlight long passages

  • Box passages such as parables

  • Circle verse numbers - I use this when I am going to read in front of others this way I know where to start and where to end.

  • Highlight favorite verses

  • Write a note as to why a particular portion is highlighted

No matter what you decide to do OR NOT DO the most important thing is to READ YOUR BIBLE. Preferably EVERY DAY!

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