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Psalms Bible Reading Plan for January 2022

Welcome my friends here is a Psalms Bible Reading Plan for January 2022 that I put together for you.

I wanted to start off 2022 strong and what better way than combining bible reading and prayer. 2022 is the year of PRAYER for me. You will see this running theme throughout the year.

Prayer is what has been my companion for many years. When the going has been bad, I've prayed. When the going has been good, I've prayed. When I am sad, I pray. When I am feeling blessed, I pray. Prayer is how I work out things in my mind. It is a conversation that I have with my Lord and Savior.

There have been many times in my life when I have prayed and felt my prayers had not gone further than my ceiling. My prayers had not reached the heavens and the ears of God. OH, HOW WRONG I HAVE BEEN.

Looking back over the years, every one of my prayers has been heard and answered. They may have not been answered the way I wanted them to be answered BUT they have definitely been answered.

The book of Psalms is full of prayers. Let's dig deep into the book of Psalms and spend time on our knees in prayer during the month of January.


You have several options for getting your January Prayer Psalms Bible reading plan.

Download the printable Bible reading plan and keep it in your journal or Bible.

Jan 2022 Prayer Psalms Printable
Download PDF • 7.43MB

Or print out this layout as a bookmark.


  1. Psalm 55:16-27

  2. Psalm 5:1-12

  3. Psalm 19:14

  4. Psalm 142:1-7

  5. Psalm 67:1

  6. Psalm 143:1-8

  7. Psalm 51:1-2

  8. Psalm 145:18

  9. Psalm 6:1-10

  10. Psalm 61:1-2

  11. Psalm 17:6-8

  12. Psalm 51:10

  13. Psalm 86:1-10

  14. Psalm 86:11-17

  15. Psalm 51:10-19

  16. Psalm 85:7

  17. Psalm 31:1-5

  18. Psalm 43:3

  19. Psalm 141:1-10

  20. Psalm 4:1-8

  21. Psalm 3:1-8

  22. Psalm 119:145-149

  23. Psalm 84:1-12

  24. Psalm 130:1-8

  25. Psalm 54:1-7

  26. Psalm 69:1-12

  27. Psalm 69:13-18

  28. Psalm 69:30-36

  29. Psalm 102:1-14

  30. Psalm 77:1-12

  31. Psalm 77:13-20

Here are a few tips on how to use this Psalm Bible Reading Plan:

  • Print and keep handy either in your Bible or journal

  • Invite family members to share this time with you

  • Write your responses & prayers in your Bible or journal

  • If you are not in the habit of quiet time with the Lord, this 31-day Bible reading plan can help you start the new year off with a new habit


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