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5 Easy Tips for Parents to Get Into the School Routine

It's back to school time! Where does the time go? For most students, back to school is just around the corner, however it’s not just students who have to get back into the school mode, parents also have to change their schedules and work around that. Family routines usually slide during the summer but come fall its time to get back into the school routine and that can be a little overwhelming!

Here are 5 easy tips that can help you get back into the back to school mode and save time.

1) State the rules

It's important to make your expectations clear at the start of the school year, for instance what time do you want the kids to have breakfast, dinner or their study schedule. Give them incentives to stick to their new schedules.

2) Early to bed and early to rise

We all know that during the holidays kids are given a little leeway when it comes to bedtime. So when school is about to begin, start getting the kids early to bed. Make it a smooth transition by putting them to bed twenty minutes earlier each night to make sure that you change their sleeping routine slowly.

3) Fully stocked

Make sure that you have all the supplies necessary when it comes to lunches, snacks and school supplies. Keeping lists and doing a small inventory check before you buy are simple ways to keep from over spending or forgetting to restock your supplies.

4) Be organized

Prepare lunches and help your kids organize their backpacks and lay out their clothes the night before.

5) Take it easy

It’s important to get back into routine but take it slow and easy. Preparation is great but don’t go overboard. Do make it a point to spend quality time with your child and encourage a balanced lifestyle in work and play.

Things get busy when the kids are back in school but there’s always clever ways to keep from cutting back on family time. Give these tips a try and let me know what works for you.



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