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Request a Quote for Formatting

Step 1—Fill Out Form: To request a formatting quote, please fill out the form below and attach your book file. Click 'Submit' when you're done. We require the original Word document or an equivalent file; we cannot format from a PDF, a file converted from a PDF, or an InDesign file. Be sure to include all elements you want quoted, such as photos and tables. Completing the form takes less than a minute. If your book is still being edited, minor changes in the final file are acceptable.

Step 2—Accept Quote: Once you send in your request and Word document, we’ll review and email you a quote to review and accept.

Step 3—Pay Invoice: Once we receive your acceptance, we'll send you an invoice. Formatting only starts after payment is received, so ensure we have your final manuscript.

Step 4—Publish: Your formatted file(s) are emailed to you. You upload and publish your file(s). Easy peasy lemon squeezy. For timeframes, click here.

Provide the following information:

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Select an option

Thanks for submitting!

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